Dana Vixen Gets Tied Down For Tit Torture

Watch Dana take breast torture

This was Dana Vixens first ever shoot, she has become so popular that they thought they would bring this to us. She is led on a floor of sharp pebbles, tied down with plumbers tape with her legs spread wide. Her hair is even stapled to the ground leaving no movement at all.

She has her tits whipped hard then her pussy is whipped. A vibrator is used on her next while her tits are tied. While being fingered to orgasm with the help of a vibrator another guy whips her tits before putting nipple clamps on her. He tries to whip the clamps off but they are on too tight.

They link string to each of them then tell her to use her teeth to rip the clamps off. Until she manages this they will carry on using the vibrator after she orgasms, She manages the first one quite quick but is screaming by the time she rips the second clamp off. You can see Dana suffer extreme tit torture at Device Bondage.

Princess Donna Takes Extreme Tit Torture

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Princess Donna takes some intense breast torture in this second part of a live show. She starts off strapped to a wall by bars and gives a forced blowjob to James though she has to be helped by Isis who opens Donnas mouth wide so she can take it all but gets her tits slapped for needing help. She has her tits tied with twine and is strapped to a table to be fingered to orgasm by Isis as James canes her all over. James fingers some forced orgasms from her then till she begs him to stop so he does and fucks her pussy instead as Isis smacks her tits. James slaps her pussy then, sensitive clit as well, before nipple clamps are used and she is fingered to more painful orgasms. This female torture scene and others can be found at Device Bondage.

Two Womens Extreme Tit Torture As Nipples Stretched

Watch Dana DeArmond and Tara Lyn Fox is a tit stretching competition.

When Hogtied are given two stunning women for bondage torture they decide to use them against each other. Dana and Tara are made to pleasure each other as the other suffers bdsm torture. At first Tara is tied with hands above her head as Dana licks her pussy and she has her ass whipped. They are locked together with bamboo facing each other, made to kiss as their pussies are whipped with nipple clamps attached to both of them with weights pulling their tits. They both have ass hooks fitted and Tara licks Danas pussy as a dildo is inserted in her pussy. As a fucking machine is used on Dana, Tara has pegs on her nipples ripped off. Watch both girls suffer nipple stretching here at Hogtied.

Kelly Divine Gets Hot Wax On Her Tits

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Lorelei helps Kelly with her debut at WhippedAss though helped may be the wrong word. She started by spanking her ass then slapping her pussy. Tied to a pole her pussy is whipped followed by an ass whipping then she is fingered to orgasm. Bent over a chair and tied she has her ass caned before a dildo on a stick is shoved up her ass. Nipple clamps on a chain are applied and she is strapon ass fucked by Lorelei before the chain is pulled and her pussy slapped. Tied in more bondage she is made to lick ass, has her pussy whipped, her ass whipped and has a strap on ass fuck again while her tits are slapped. She has her clit whipped next while hot wax is poured on her tits. Watch these beautiful tits get nipple clamp torture here at WhippedAss.

Iona Grace Has Her Huge Tits Tied

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19 yr old Iona Grace returns to Hogtied after a short break and they know exactly what to do to her. She has her hands tied behind her back and her massive tits tied, all natural F cup ones. She is made to walk balk and fore a crotch rope with knots in it until she orgasms and for a little while afterwards.

After the orgasm she had to be gagged she was making so much noise. Once the gag was in though they got to do more to her and started by putting nipple clamps on her. Pegs were placed all around her tits then whipped off leaving bright red marks before a stick dildo is inserted.

She is dildo fucked and vibrated through many orgasms then fingered to a few more until she is screaming through the gag. They gave her one more punishment before she was released, she had to walk along the crotch rope one more time making sure her sensitive clit hit every knot. You can see Iona Grace suffer extreme tit torture at Hogtied.

Gia Dimarco Almost Has Her Nipples Ripped Off

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Gia is tied to some metal pipes holding her fast and her clothes are cut off her. A ball gag keeps her quiet as a vibrator forces an orgasm from her then she has her tits whipped. Vacuum tubes are placed on her tits, sucking her nipples while she is pussy whipped then the vibrator brings another orgasm from her. Tight nipple clamps are used attached to rope which in turn is attached to heavy weights. As her pussy is fingered to another painful orgasm the weight finally gets too much and rips the clamp from her tits but not before stretching her nipples to about 2 inches. Alpha, their fastest fucking machine is used to bring about a load more orgasms till she’s screaming to be let go. A great bit of nipple torture you can find at Device Bondage.

Maggie Mayhem Gets Extreme Tit Torture

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Maggie is kept in a barrel when not being used so when Hogtied decided to do a scene she had to be released. She was tied with her hands above her head and weighted nipple clamps used on her tits while she is being ass spanked making the weights move. Her hands are tied to the side and her tits tied up while being fingered before she has her tits whipped. A rope gag is used when she becomes too loud and a dildo inserted to bring her to orgasm. She is tied with her legs spread on a barrel to be pussy whipped then fingered. She has double penetration from a dildo in her ass and one in her pussy with a vibrator on her clit bringing her to more forced orgasms. She is put upside down in suspended bondage with weighted nipple clamps pulling her tits towards her face while being whipped to yet more orgasms. A great scene to see Maggies tits fucked up can be seen at Hogtied.

Trina Michaels Has Her Huge Tits Tortured At Hospital

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Doctor Ashley Fires is using Trina in an experiment and ties her in a straight jacketĀ  with ems pads on her legs and a vibrator stuck to her pussy forcing orgasms from her. While watching her she uses a vibrator on herself then goes in to work on Trina, tying her down and tying her tits tight. She slaps her tits hard then sticks an electric dildo in her ass and zaps her pussy with another. She sticks nipple clamps on her tits and uses a vibrator to bring another painful orgasm before using electric nipple clamps, shocking her tits while making her lick pussy. A strapon fucking to another orgasm while being zapped showed Ashley just how far she could push Trina, check it for yourself at Wiredpussy.

Gia Dimarco Suffers Breast Torture And Forced Orgasms

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Gia is stripped naked with her hands tied above her head and wearing a rope gag when she has weighted nipple clamps used on her while a vibrator is put on her clit. her tits are tied then she has her tits slapped hard while she is impaled on a butt plug. A bar gag is used then with nipple clamps attached to the bar while a vibrator brings her to a painful orgasm. Straight after her orgasm while still impaled on a buttplug she has her pussy whipped hard. She is tied bent over a box for an ass whipping before a dildo in her pussy and a vibrator bring her to more orgasms. Suspended bondage is next with nipple clamps used with chains attached to weights so heavy that part way through another forced orgasm the one comes off and the weights are held by one nipple. This is a big bondage torture scene, so big I missed out things like an ass hook and ball gags but you can see it all here at Hogtied.