Extreme Tit Torture Bachelorette Party


Watch Sparky Sin Claire suffer nipple pain

Sparky Sin Claire was getting married so as a goin away gift her Masters ordered her to please every slave in the house. She is stripped and made to spread her legs so they can tie her before she has pegs on her nipples. Iona Grace and Nerine Mechanique also have their tits pegged then Sparky is hoisted upside down.

Sparky is made to lick pussy while having her pussy fingered before Iona is bent backwards to offer foot worship. Back in place Sparky keeps licking pussy as Iona Licks hers to orgasm before master whips her tits to remove the pegs. She has her ass written on before having her nipples pinched whil Nerine gets her tits caned.

Sparkys nipples are sucked before string is used to stretch them then Nerine fucks her with a dildo gag as her own ass is caned. The rope from the nipples is attached to Nerine so every time she backs out she pulls her nipples. All the girls are whipped before Sparky is fingered to orgasm. You can see Sparky and the others take breast torture at The Upper Floor.

Nerine Mechaniques Brutal Tit Whipping


Watch Nerine suffer tit torture here

Nerine Mechanique is a self confessed masochist so handing her over to the guys from Device Bondage was the next obvious move. Starting off chained naked to the floor led on her back gives him the chance to start off hard by whipping her tits till they’re red. He carries on with the tit whipping as he fucks her with a dildo on a stick while holding an Hitachi to her clit.

After that she is perched in the air squatting over a stick dildo with an Hitachi strapped to her clit, her nipples suctioned while wearing a gag and her arms tied behind her back. Any slip or if her aching legs give way and the dildo goes in way too far while an EMS pad is added to her clit. Her tits are caned then she takes an ass caning all the while trying to keep her balance.

Next she is bound bent backward over an arch with a massive buttplug in her ass. Painfull small clamps are added around her nipples and bigger ones down her side. He drips wax on her tits before whipping it off then fingers her to more orgasms. You can see Nerine get her tits fucked up at Device Bondage.

Trina Michaels Has Her Huge Tits Tortured At Hospital

Watch Trina suffer extreme tit torture here.

Doctor Ashley Fires is using Trina in an experiment and ties her in a straight jacketĀ  with ems pads on her legs and a vibrator stuck to her pussy forcing orgasms from her. While watching her she uses a vibrator on herself then goes in to work on Trina, tying her down and tying her tits tight. She slaps her tits hard then sticks an electric dildo in her ass and zaps her pussy with another. She sticks nipple clamps on her tits and uses a vibrator to bring another painful orgasm before using electric nipple clamps, shocking her tits while making her lick pussy. A strapon fucking to another orgasm while being zapped showed Ashley just how far she could push Trina, check it for yourself at Wiredpussy.

Gia Dimarco Suffers Breast Torture And Forced Orgasms

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Gia is stripped naked with her hands tied above her head and wearing a rope gag when she has weighted nipple clamps used on her while a vibrator is put on her clit. her tits are tied then she has her tits slapped hard while she is impaled on a butt plug. A bar gag is used then with nipple clamps attached to the bar while a vibrator brings her to a painful orgasm. Straight after her orgasm while still impaled on a buttplug she has her pussy whipped hard. She is tied bent over a box for an ass whipping before a dildo in her pussy and a vibrator bring her to more orgasms. Suspended bondage is next with nipple clamps used with chains attached to weights so heavy that part way through another forced orgasm the one comes off and the weights are held by one nipple. This is a big bondage torture scene, so big I missed out things like an ass hook and ball gags but you can see it all here at Hogtied.

Mackenzee Pierce Takes Hard Nipple Torture

Watch Mackenzee get her tits tortured

Mackenzee has huge tits just waiting to be used so they strip her off and tie her to a chair with no movement allowed. Her huge tits are tied before she has her nipples squeezed till she screams then an Hitachi is tied between her legs. Mousetraps on her nipples makes her scream so much a gag is used and she is told she is not allowed to cum.

Within minutes she cums without being given permission and to make it worse it is a squirting orgasm. As punishment the mousetraps are taken off and nipple clamps with weights attached. More weights are added and all the time the Hitachi is left pressed to her sensitive clit.

Next the chair is hoisted putting her full weight on the vibrator. A peg is placed on her tongue as she is pushed through orgasm after orgasm and all the time her tit torture continues, the weights pulling her nipples. You can see Mackenzee having her nipples stretched at Hogtied.

Trina Michaels Tied Up For An Ass Whipping

Watch Trina have her huge tits hang lower with weights here.

Trina went to Device Bondage and asked for a scene where they would treat her rougher than before, actually asking for pain and a hard whipping. She was tied in pipe bondage with her massive tits hanging free, an ass hook inserted and tied to her hair and then weighted nipple clamps put on her tits. She took a very hard ass whipping, the guy using full force, two handed strokes to whip her ass. Each stroke of this ass flogging made her tits move, the weights pulling her nipples. Her ass is red when he finished and fingered her pussy to orgasms with the help of a vibrator. She said later she couldn’t sit for the rest of the day. Watch Trinas big tits tortured here at Device Bondage.

Ariel X Gets Her Nipples Stretched

Watch Ariel take tit torture here

Ariel X has always loved bdsm torture so when she was was handed over for this scene she asked for it to be harder than ever. They strap her to a table with just two straps and use clamps to keep her pussy spread. They use a device to stretch her nipples away from her chest then vibrate her to orgasm.

A stick dildo is also used to help get the next orgasm from her before the clamps are removed and her nipples pinched. She is tied standing with her legs spread and a cattle prod makes her dance before the stick dildo is used to fuck her ass. She is hoisted with a crotch chain then released.

Next she is put in a straight jacket with an electric dildo inserted and her pussy shocked to an orgasm. She is released from the jacket but made to have just one more painful orgasm before she is finished. The clamps are placed over all her tit leaving red marks when removed. You can see Ariel X suffer extreme tit torture at Device Bondage.

Cherry Torn With Her Tits Tied

Watch Cherry Torn suffer tit pain

Cherry Torn has spent most of the last few months working in the Upper Floor where she suffered some extreme tit torture so this scene had to be hard to take her further. She is stripped and tied with her legs in the air and her arms around her legs and tied to the floor, all this after her tits are tied.

Her feet are caned then her nipples pinched before they move on to fingering her pussy till she cums. A vibrator is then held against her sensitive pussy till she cums a few more times. She is hoisted up leaving her vulnerable for a very hard pussy whipping.

She is vibrated to more orgasms then her pussy gets a break as he uses full swings to spank her ass. The vibrator is then used to keep bringing more and more orgasm till Cherry Torn is close to tears. They eventually let her down and she walks like she is trying to keep her legs away from her pussy. Watch Cherry Torn tied and tortured at Hogtied.

Female Torture Of Rozen Debowe

Watch Rozen take nipple torture

Rozen is handed over to the sadistic Sgt Major who ties her to a wooden horse before ripping her clothes off her. A gag is fitted before he uses an Hitachi vibrator to force an orgasm from her then whips her pussy hard. He whips her tits then before going back to make sure is pussy is red raw.

She is placed in suspension bondage and clover clamps used on her pussy. He places more clover clamps on her nipples and tits before caning her ass leaving red welts. The Hitachi is used to bring orgasm after orgasm from her as he continues to use the cane all over her body.

She is tied face down on the bed to have her ass caned using two canes before a stick dildo is inserted. She is fucked with the dildo as the caning makes her red then is ass fingered. The Hitachi brings a few last orgasm from her as he spanks her ass. You can see Rozen suffer breast torture at Device Bondage

Asphyxia Noir Gets Tits Kicked

Watch Asphyxia suffer tit torture here

Asphyxia Noir is into pain in a big way, so much so they have never broken her but they tried real hard in this scene. She starts off tied to a ladder facing the floor and immediately gets her tits kneed hard enough to move the ladder. She has her feet and ass caned the her thong pulled between her legs until it breaks before a stick dildo wets her pussy.

The wet thong is put in her mouth behind a gag to keep her quiet as she is fucked with the stick dildo and an Hitachi on her clit until she is near orgasm. She is put sitting in suspension bondage with her ass sticking through the base so she can be ass whipped then have her as cooled off by dunking her ass in ice.

She is sat on a spiked stool and ass whipped then back to the ice before having her nipples tied. With her nipples stretched she has her tits whipped then tied high as she is put on the spiked stool again with a gag keeping her quiet. Back to the ice once more before bending her back over some bars to use pegs on her tits. She has her pussy fucked until she cums then rips the zipper off her tits before having her pussy punched. You can see Asphyxia take a tit whipping at Device Bondage