Felony Gets Her Tits Stretched

See Felony suffering tit torture

Felony is a porn star that really is stunning with the most amazing tits that just call out to be tortured. In this scene she suffers more tit torture than ever before. She has her arms tied behind her and has her ass spanked before her top is cut from her.

Rope is tied around her each tit and looped over a beam with a bowling ball weight pulling them up and in different directions leaving her tits stretched to the limit, While there a vibrator is held on her clit till she has orgasm after orgasm.

Her knickers are removed then and a crotch rope attached pulling downwards. With her tits stretched and pulling upwards she was on tiptoe but the crotch rope is pulling downwards rubbing against her sensitive clit and leaving her not knowing what to do. You can see Felony getting her tits stretched at Hogtied.

Angelica Raven Gets Her Tits Crushed

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Angelica Raven is stripped naked and sat on top of a Sybian. She has her tits crushed using clamps and is tied at the neck, wrists and ankles to metal tubes so she can’t move off the Sybian which is then turned on. She has her lips clamped together so she can’t scream as they pull her nipples hard.

The clamps are removed from her lips and a mousetrap placed on her tongue before c-clamps are placed on her nipples and wound in tight. She has her ass flogged as orgasm after orgasm comes from her. The Sybian is flying the painful orgasms from her but she has nowhere to go.

As the drool starts to flow and her screams get louder they remove the trap and use a gag instead. They then whip her tits before lifting her and the Sybian off the floor so even more pressure is placed on her sensitive clit. She is bucking and squealing but they just won’t let her stop having orgasms. You can see Angelica getting her tits crushed at Device Bondage.

Iona Grace Hanging By Her Tits

Watch Iona; extreme tit torture

Iona returns for the second part of the live show. She starts off tied to a wall wearing a gag and her tits are tied so tied they are turning purple. She has her tits whipped then he moves down her body whipping her till she’s red. Isis Love joins in then as well using a vibrator on her pussy.

To increase the tit pain they put mouse traps on her nipples as he comes from the vibrator. The vibrator is held there as she squirms until she has another painful orgasm. Her feet is lifted off the ground while attached to her tits and over a bar so she is hanging by her tits.

She is strapon fucked by Isis while hanging by her tits.  She adds the vibrator to her sensitive clit as Iona is fucked in suspended bondage until she comes. After that she uses the vibrator on her for yet one more painful orgasm before letting Iona down, her tits so purple they glow. You can see iona hanging by her tits at Hogtied.

The Tit Torture Of Chloe Camilla

Watch Chloe getting BDSM torture

Chloe Camilla is chained to a wooden box with her legs spread wide. She has her tits chained to the box before suction tubes give her some nipple torture pulling her nipples up while her tits are pulled down.The suction tube is then applied below with suction on her clit to make her more sensitive.

A vibrator is placed on her pussy and left there as the tubes are yanked off her nipples and replaced with nipple clamps. These small clamps are then placed over the rest of her body including clamps on her pussy lips. These are all yanked off as she is whipped.

After having enough orgasms they rip the clamps off, all except the nipple clamps which are left on for more tit torture as they undo the chains. Chloe is left to take her own clamps off her sensitive nipples. You can see this tit torture scene and many others at Device Bondage.

Wenona Takes Some Nipple Torture

Watch Wenona risk losing her nipples

In this scene Wenona is made to put all her fitness to the test. She is an ex fitness and fashion model so they knew she would last out for a while but with the nipple torture they had planned she was always going to lose, how much she would lose would depend on her as her nipples were at risk.

She is tied to a platform by her arms and her ankles are tied together. They cut holes in her top and use test tubes to vacuum her already large nipples even bigger ready for the nipple torture. She is whipped and a vibrator draws an orgasm from her before her feet are caned then the vibrator used for another orgasm before the tit torture begins.

Her ankles are raised and she is stripped before string is attached to each nipple, looped up and over then down to her toes of her raised feet. Her abs are tested as he time she lowers her feet her nipples are pulled. To make it worse the guy is punching her abs then uses a vibrator on her. By the end her nipples are inches from her body. You can see this and other female torture at Hogtied.

Dana Vixen Gets Tied Down For Tit Torture

Watch Dana take breast torture

This was Dana Vixens first ever shoot, she has become so popular that they thought they would bring this to us. She is led on a floor of sharp pebbles, tied down with plumbers tape with her legs spread wide. Her hair is even stapled to the ground leaving no movement at all.

She has her tits whipped hard then her pussy is whipped. A vibrator is used on her next while her tits are tied. While being fingered to orgasm with the help of a vibrator another guy whips her tits before putting nipple clamps on her. He tries to whip the clamps off but they are on too tight.

They link string to each of them then tell her to use her teeth to rip the clamps off. Until she manages this they will carry on using the vibrator after she orgasms, She manages the first one quite quick but is screaming by the time she rips the second clamp off. You can see Dana suffer extreme tit torture at Device Bondage.

Rain DeGrey Kidnapped For Tit Torture

Watch Rain suffer nipple pain here

Rain Degrey is walking back to her car when two men jump out, stick a sack over her head and drag her into a van. She has her arms tied to each side and her top ripped open before they each pull a nipple asking her questions which she has to answer or risk losing her nipples.

They knock her out and when she wakes up she is naked tied upside down with a cock down her neck. The forced deepthroat stops her screaming from the vibrator being held on her pussy and the rope which has her tits tied tight. She has her tits whipped then is moved onto her back with a ballgag fitted.

Rope is attached from her nipples to the ceiling as she is fingered to orgasms without being able to move. She has to give more forced blowjobs while being recorded then gets tied to the bed with her legs in the air for them to take turns fucking her pussy. You can see Rain DeGrey take extreme tit torture at Hogtied.

Katie Jordin Hogtied For Nipple Torture

See Katie getting her nipples stretched

When Katie Jordin came back for another scene it was great, they all knew she could take the toughest bondage so they came up with a vertical hogtie to a beam. She is basically in suspension bondage standing up with her arms behind her back. They start off by caning her feet and spanking her ass but it gets worse.

They bring out the tools and whip her ass till it’s red and she starts to sweat then her hair is tied to her feet making her back arch. They help her forward as they tie string around her nipples and to the beam in some great breast torture. She is then released and has to strain to keep herself up or her nipples pay the price.

She is using her stomach muscles to keep close to the post or risk losing her nipples in some bad predicament bondage with some extreme tit torture. You can see this and other extreme breast torture scenes at Hogtied.

Mahina Zaltana Bound And Tortured

Watch Mahina takes pegs on her tits

Mahina Zaltana wanted to do a scene where her whole body took some punishment so this was ideal for her. She was handed over to Isis Love who knows how to make her suffer. She was tied in her underwear to a post before having her pussy whipped then a giant electric dildo forced into her pussy.

Isis turns the power up before slapping her tits hard then pinching her nipples. Next she has her tits whipped then her nipples zapped with a zapper. The zapper is then used on her clit and ass befoer she is made to suck a strapon dildo. Nipple clamps are used to pull her back onto the dildo as she is strapon fucked then EMS pads used on her ass as Isis licks her pussy.

An asshook is fitted and the current turned up to make her squeal as she is strapon fucked then she is tied standing up to take a violet wand on her nipples and pussy before a cattle prod is used. Her pussy is whipped, fingered and vibrated to orgasm before she has her tits whipped red. Two zippers go up and down her body to her nipples and she is fucked with a Samurai until she comes as the zippers are ripped off. You can see Mahina suffer nipple torture at WiredPussy.

McKenzie Lee Gets Her Nipples Tortured

Watch Maitresse Madeline inflict breast torture

When schoolgirl Mackenzie snoops though Madelines locker after school she thought she was all alone, she was nearly right. The only one left in the school turned out to be Madeline who caught her going through her locker. Madeline pulled her clothes off and started by slapping her tits.

She lifted her skirt and started slapping her pussy next then turned her around to spank her ass till it was red. She licked Mckenzies pussy before fingering her ass and pussy. She strapped her down to a bench then using her tits so she couldn’t move and made her use a dildo gag which she sat on till she left come dripping onto Mckenzie.

She whipped her tits, strapon fucked her pussy then bent her over to paddle her ass. She tied her on her back then to strapon ass fuck her in a final lesson not to snoop. You can see Mckenzie suffer her tit torture at WhippedAss.