Two Women Having Their Tits Tortured

Watch these two suffer breast torture

Lily LaBeau and Mallory Malone are tied standing as their dommes Bobbi Starr and Maitresse Madeline walk in to show them why they are the best in this edited scene from the live show. Their tops are ripped off and the dommes have a competition on who can whip tits the hardest.

They are caned and nipple clamps with a chain used to stretch their nipples while they have pussy clamps put on. The clamps are ripped off to screams before they are attached facing each other with nipple and pussy clamps. They are whipped until one pulls away ripping the clamps from the other.

Ballgags are fitted and they have their pussies licked and slapped until they scream before being fingered to more orgasms. When that isn’t enough they have their tits tied and are fisted through brutal orgasms. Over the knee spankings, ass licking, strapon fucking pussy and ass and an Hitachi through squirting orgasms is just a few of the other things in this scene. You can see these two ladies suffer nipple clamp hell at Whippedass.

Frances Le Tortures Tits

Watch these 2 bad girls suffer here

Rozen Debowe and Akira Raine are always fighting but this time they decide to do it in Frances Le’s bar and they definitely picked the wrong place. Frances catches them both at it and grabs their hair. She drags them to the bar and ties them to it before using a cattle prod on their asses them strips them

She ass spanks them both till they are red then ties their legs open. One gets EMS pads and an Hitachi on her pussy while the other gets an electric dildo inserted and switched on high. They are turned over to have EMS pads placed on and electric nipple clamps to shock the nipples. They are fucked with stick dildos with Hitachis against their clits as the tits are tied.

They are tied facing each other with their tits tied together and copper wire around them. if they touch the copper they both get their tits shocked and Frances doesn’t make it easy by strapon fucking them with an electric dildo while tit slapping. A cattle prod on their tits shows them who’s boss before she lets them go. You can see Frances Le dish out extreme tit torture at WiredPussy.

Ariel X Suffering Nipple Torture


See the extreme torture of Ariels nipples

Ariel X is tied down to a table using just 2 straps, one across her chest and another across her waist. Her hands are tied above her head before she is whipped then has the clothes cut from her. An Hitachi on her clit helps as she is fingered to the edge of orgasm before the tit torture starts.

Clamps on her nipples are used with a spreader bar to stretch her nipples away from her chest. Clamps are used on her pussy as well before she is fucked with a stick dildo as the tit stretching continues. She is hoisted in suspension bondage while her nipples are pinched and nails dug in while her ass is spanked.

A cattle prod on her tits makes her jump before being ass fucked with a stick dildo. Clamps are placed on her nipples again then a straight jacket over them so she can’t remove them. An electro dildo shocks her pussy while an Hitachi makes her wetter making her shocks even harder. You can see Ariel X take extreme tit torture at Device Bondage.

Cherry Torns Extreme Tit Torture


Watch Cherry get her massive tits tied

Cherry Torn seems to have bigger tits each time they see her at Hogtied which leaves them wanting to torture her tits even more. She starts off sitting on a box with her tits tied tight and her arms tied behind her as she has her nipples pinched before having her tits shocked with a zapper. Next the zapper is used on her ass hole where she is made to back into it screaming her lungs out.

She is tied face down wearing a gag, a buttplug inserted and having her feet caned and zapped. Tight nipple clamps are used before she is fingered and an Hitachi used on her clit then is hoisted in the air. She is fingered to orgasms before being turned onto her back and having her pussy whipped hard. The screams were louder still when they whipped her tits which were already turning purple.

Fisted to more orgasms before a stick dildo is used her pussy lips are spread so they can whip her clit. She is ass fisted before the biggest torture comes. Tied spreadeagled on a Sybian with her tits tied to posts and pulled either side she is oiled up then has her tits whipped with a single tail and her pussy caned. Massive weights on the ropes stretch her tits even more as she screams louder and louder through the orgasms. You can see Cherry Torn take breast torture at Hogtied.

Two Sluts In Tit Torture

Watch these two suffer nipple torture

The Master of Kelly Divine and Audrey Rose has decided to have some fun so starts off making his two sluts strip each other and slap their tits. They are made to spank each others ass then bent over back to back to be whipped. Tight nipple clamps are attached before a double ended dildo is inserted into both of them.

Weights are added to the nipple clamps as they are made to fuck themselves with it, moving back and fore swinging the weight and stretching their nipples then they are made to deepthroat cock. Released from the dildo they are made to kneel to have their tits whipped before beeing tied standing back to back, each wearing an ass hook attached by rope to the other girls hair so when they cum they pull the others hair.

They are caned before an Hitachi is used to cause pleasure for one, pain for the other. When released they are made to kneel to have their tits caned. Asses caned then whipped, forced blowjob and made to lick ass are next for the girls before being ass smothered while having her tits whipped.

Both have their tits tied till they go purple before Mark ass fucks one then gets a blowjob from the other then moves onto the other girls ass. More whipped tits, whipped asses and forced deepthroats follow until Mark gets to finish to the girls delight. You can see these two suffer breast torture at Sex And Submission

The Extreme Tit Torure Of Ava Devine

Click here to see Avas bdsm torture.

Ava Devine is tied to a chair in strict bondage and made to have orgasm after orgasm. She is rope bound with her tits tied so tight you can see the blood isn’t getting to them. While there she has her pussy whipped before a rope with a large weight is used from her neck stretching her higher for a better shot at her tits.

A vibrator is placed through a hole in the chair against her clit and left there, a ballgag already in her mouth to stop the screams. She has so many painful orgasms this way before he returns to remove the vibrator. This doesn’t stop her breast torture though as he gets underway whipping her tits.

By the end of the scene are tits are so dark you know they must be sensitive, just right for some nipple torture. You can find the entire scene at Hogited.

Juliette March Gets Her Tits Stretched

Watch the nipple torture here

Juliette March starts off this scene tied on her knees as they get to work whipping her tits through her blouse. A ballgag is fitted to keep her quiet as they whip her ass before going back to her whip her tits. They put an Hitachi between her legs to vibrate her clit then add about 5 tight nipple clamps on each nipple.

The clamps are pulled off without opening them stretching her nipples before she is tied to a pole to be finger fucked. A long tail whip is used on her tits then he whips her pussy with it leaving long red marks. Her ass is caned and the nipple clamps replaced before a stick dildo with Hitachi attachment is inserted.

A hook is inserted in her pussy and rope attached to that and her nipple clamps with a large bowling ball weight on the other end. She is tied lying down with vacuum tubes on her nipples and a stick dildo in her ass and one in her pussy. She is double penetrated this way until she has a squirting orgasm. You can see Juliette take tit torture in bondage at Device Bondage.

Princess Donna Takes Extreme Tit Torture

Watch Donnas bondage torture by Isis Love and James Deen

Princess Donna takes some intense breast torture in this second part of a live show. She starts off strapped to a wall by bars and gives a forced blowjob to James though she has to be helped by Isis who opens Donnas mouth wide so she can take it all but gets her tits slapped for needing help. She has her tits tied with twine and is strapped to a table to be fingered to orgasm by Isis as James canes her all over. James fingers some forced orgasms from her then till she begs him to stop so he does and fucks her pussy instead as Isis smacks her tits. James slaps her pussy then, sensitive clit as well, before nipple clamps are used and she is fingered to more painful orgasms. This female torture scene and others can be found at Device Bondage.

Two Girls Have A Tit Hanging Competition

Watch this great extreme tit torture competition here

Cassandra Calogera and Sierra Skye are led into a bar expecting a public sex scene but what they didn’t expect was the tit torture that was planned for them by James Deen. They start off easy though, made to lick pussy as a cattle prod shocks them before pegs are put on their huge tits and on their pussies which they are made to jump with. Next their tits are tied overhead to each other with weights in between. The one who kneels gets cock, if neither do their tits will lose all blood to them. Unfortunately the one who doesn’t kneel will end up hanging by her tits and a vibrator is used on both of them to give them incentive to hurry up. They have to give a forced blowjob, cock down the neck to the balls before they ride cock with their massive tits bouncing. They are made to sit still to be covered in come with a cattle prod used to make sure. This is such a large bdsm torture scene that I’ve missed loads out but the breast torture alone makes this one not to be missed, watch it all here at Public Disgrace.

Two Women Take Hard Tit Torture

Watch both girls having their tits whipped

Serena Blair and Rylie Richman get some breast torture they won’t forget in a hurry. Serena Blair is first, tied to a wooden table and has her pussy whipped before her top is ripped off. She has her nipples flicked then some more pussy whipping until it’s red then pegs on her tits.

Pegs on her pussy are pulled tighter as she is ass fucked with a stick dildo. She is tied then with her arms above her head so he can cane her tits. He canes her pussy then uses very tight nipple clamps while an Hitachi is pressed against her clit. The clamps are ripped off as she cums and then they move onto Rylie Richman who starts off tied to some metal bars.

Rylie has her ass whipped, pussy whipped and tits clamped before a stick dildo is inserted in her pussy with an Hitachi against her clit. She is hung upside down with her legs spread hanging from her ankles with her tits tied and having her pussy caned. Nipple clamps attached by string to a pole stop her squirming as she goes through some painful orgasms. You can see these women suffer at Device Bondage.